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The spirit and success of a school depends on the team of teachers who are there to teach, guide and help their students. At Eurospeak we have the task of creating a professional, friendly and efficient atmosphere where classes run smoothly and where you can improve your English in the best possible way.

Our teachers are the very backbone of the school. Only the best are good enough because our aim is to provide you with the very best we can.

kevinKevin Burke

I graduated with a B.A. in History from Wagner College. My thesis was: “Henry David Thoreau and his influence of peaceful resistance”. I taught 4th grade New York history and mentored junior high and high school students while at Wagner. I worked at the famous Strand Book Store in New York City. Completed my service in the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan, where I taught at school and college and worked with youth. Completed my TOEFL certificate in New York. Currently, working for Eurospeak teaching at an elementary school and at university.



Рисунок1Jeff Stier

My name is Jeff Stier and I have taught ESL in both the United States and Kazakhstan.  I really enjoy living in Kazakhstan and look forward to exploring all of the country.





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