Summer School


We invite you to join our summer school in Almaty! You can join us any time, for a minimum of one month, since the 1st of June!

The summer school is 5 days a week, 3 hours a day. Sign up to the morning session (10:00-13:00) of after lunch (14:00-17:00) Price is 60 000 KZT/month.

Our program is designed in a way to make children learn English interactively and creatively. Each day will consist of something new and different from the day before!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
General English History Day Culture Day General English       Movie Day

Summer School offers:

  • Fun and learning English combined with our well-trained English Teachers
  • Group English lessons to improve all your English skills (textbooks and other study materials provided)
  • Meet students your age
  • One to one classes available on request
  • Work on study projects and create class magazines
  • Join at any time over the summer periods (minimum 4 weeks)
  • Improve your English social communication skills interacting in English every day

Class Levels

All students will be placed in appropriate level group classes:

  • Elementary
  • Pre-intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advanced

Also there are two levels of communication class:

  • Lower level
  • Upper level

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