One-to-One Tuition

Course description:

This course is ideal for students who are determined to work toward their individual language targets.

Course content:

The course is tailored to suit any student’s needs.

For a Business English student, for example, optional elements of the course include fresh knowledge and thorough practice on:

  • Targeted Telephone Conversation
  • Effective Sales Pitching
  • Leading a Meeting
  • The Art of Presentation
  • Interview Skills and Strategies

 For a student with other specific needs, a range of learning options is available with your personal tutor:

  • General English skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary
  • Academic English: Cambridge and TOEFL exam preparation
  • English for Specific Purposes: industry specific content
  • English for Immigrating
  • English for Schoolchildren

Why Choose Eurospeak?

Our native speaker English teachers have years of solid experience teaching English around the world.  They are here to help you succeed and reach your language goal – be it personal, professional, or both.

“My one-to-one tuition was very effective. My personal tutor was very flexible with my busy schedule, and was really patient with me.  I learned a great deal from our discussions and regular practice of the English language.  My English has definitely improved in so short a time.”

                                                        – Anella Yerbalotva, Almaty

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