English for Teachers of Other Subjects

Course Description:

This programme is specially designed for non-native teachers who teach their subject in English.

Course Content:

You will practise all your language skills including speaking, listening, and writing; with particular emphasis on learning vocabulary specific to your subject matter and on reading authentic texts.

Subject Modules Available:

Maths                   Music
Physics                 History
Chemistry           Geography
Literature            Information Technology
Social Studies     (Any Other Subject)

What Makes Our Refresher Course Unique and Special?

•  Flexible program adjusted to your level of English and your professional needs

•  Highly-qualified tutors with a strong background in teacher training

•  Academic support and step-by-step guidance provided to every trainee

•  Course activities portfolio which you can later use in your classroom

Course Outcomes:

•  Improved accuracy and fluency in English

•  Solid background knowledge of vocabulary on the subject

•  The confidence and competence to deliver lessons in your subject in English

“The course was amazing and gave me lots of practical ideas for my classes. I am much more confident in teaching maths in English.”

– Elvira Janalieva ,Bobek School of Self-Awareness

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